The music of Flieder strolls with unwavering calmness through Trip-Hop, Ambient and Post-Rock. Instrumental sceneries are telling about delightful anguish, vibrant beauty and profound abyss. Overall the rather idiosyncratic two-piece instrumental band unites the disturbing beauty of Mogwai with the spherical wideness of Air and the organic beats of Bonobo.

Thomas and Thomas again and again sample and loop tracks live: Four naked hands and feet constantly operate pedals, controllers, keys, strings, drumheads, chimes and a few vocal loops are the only pre produced tone threads in a dense tissue of heavy harmonies, self-confident beats and catchy hooks. Everything together bulges into a well-arranged universe in pastel shades.

With their rather idiosyncratic format as a two-piece instrumental band 'Flieder' have made quite a way already. Their Debut 'Eins‘ and the sophomore 'Passing By‘ ensured them a fix space in the Swiss instrumental-band-sky and sent them on a playful road. While playing around with new tracks and a new live set as a two-piece, they just released a live-EP with the so-called Flieder Ensemble, a 7-piece Red-Brick-Chapel-Band dismantling Flieder loop-classics and put them together again into a electro-acoustic full-band-experience.